Generic Corporate Images

Generic Corporate Images

These were captured on a recent commission for CEO Magazine. They asked us to take some generic corporate photos at the offices where we were shooting the portraits for their large magazine article. This out of focus style of photography, known as bokeh means that the image only suggests ideas and locations and does not illustrate as a normal photograph would. We have been asked to shoot these for various London clients who have used them on websites as backgrounds and on business social media as corporate banner images.
corporate generic imagery for websites
London corporate generic images for websites
corporate generic photography in London
corporate generic photos for websites

Studio Headshots for NBC News London

Studio Headshots for NBC News London

Commission for three presenters from NBC News Worldwide who had their headshots taken in our studio space. The dark background is proving very popular at the moment for use on LinkedIn as it makes the portrait stand out more on a profile page which is mainly white space.

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Corporate Portrait Photography

Commission for Stable Assest Management at their Old Burlington Street offices. These were shot in a corporate portrait photography style rather than the standard headshot approach as the client wanted to retain a sense of their offices and be able to use the photos in pitch documents.

corporate portrait photography in London

corporate portrait photographer working in London

corporate portrait photography in London by Corporate Photography Ltd

corporate portrait photography by Corporate Photography Ltd

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